Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Isidro Blasco

I had the pleasure of making a visit to the studio of Isidro Blasco last week. I first became aware of Isidro's work at the booth of DCKT Gallery at SCOPE art fair a year and a half ago. I continue to be intrigued by his work. Isidro was trained as an architect, and he carries a fascination with form, shape and perspective into his art.

His work is a kind of photo/sculpture hybrid. He constructs wooden platforms and facets onto which he decontructs perspective and the two dimensional nature of a photograph. His work reminds me of the polaroid collages of David Hockney in their exploration of the limits of a two dimensional photograph. As they are truly three dimensional works, they are best experienced in person. I encourage anyone interested in a fresh photographic perspective to check him out. His website is:
He is represented by:
DCKT Contemporary
Galeria Fucares

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