Monday, April 29, 2013

Houston FotoFest Seeks new leadership

"After 26 years creating and developing 
FotoFest, it is time for new leadership," 
say FotoFest Co-founders Wendy Watriss 
and Fred Baldwin.  "As part of FotoFest's 
Board of Directors, we are inviting 
nominations and applications for the 
position of Executive Director of FotoFest."
The Executive Director will be responsible for leadership 
 of the organization, fundraising and financial development, 
administrative oversight and development of future art and 
education programming. Financial development will include 
financial and fundraising planning with the Board of Directors.
The Executive Director will succeed the strong leadership of 
the founders, who have led the development of the organization 
since its founding in 1983. The Director will lead and oversee the 
future growth of this internationally known photographic arts 
Application Deadline: July 1, 2013
The Executive Director should have working experience with the 
arts. The Board expects that the Executive Director will carry 
forth FotoFest’s commitment to global and local programming; 
the inter-connection of art and social ideas; discovery, development 
and presentation of creative talent—artists and curators; the use of 
creative skills and the arts to strengthen classroom education for 
young people. Accordingly, the Board is seeking candidates 
with the following qualifications:
• Working experience with, and a strong commitment to, 
the arts, particularly the photographic arts and their promotion.
• A capacity for and an interest in executive and administrative 

leadership of an internationally respected photographic arts 
and education organization in order to further its growth 
and development.
• A demonstrable ability and willingness to accept responsibility 

for financial development and fundraising for program and 
general operating expenses.
• A capacity for visionary thinking and action.

• A strong and demonstrable interest in the connection between 

the arts and social issues and a motivation to create high quality, 
 innovative visual arts programs that serve as a platform for the 
communication of ideas through art.
• An ability to motivate staff and coordinate well with a Board of 

The Board of Directors and FotoFest Co-founders are flexible with 
respect to the  expansion and direction of the structure and programs 
of the organization, but they expect an Executive Director to preserve 
the core values of the organization: internationalism — international 
programming and cross-cultural exchange; the inter-connection between
global and local interests and constituencies as a centerpiece of FotoFest's 
programming and administration; the interaction of art and social issues 
in FotoFest’s programming.The leader of FotoFest will be expected to 
maintain and expand the international network and programming 
initiated and developed by FotoFest and its founders over the past 30 
years. This programming includes a commitment to collaborating with 
Houston-area organizations and using FotoFest’s programs to benefit 
the arts and civic life in Houston. The leader of FotoFest will 
also be expected to continue FotoFest’s commitment to 
education - extending creative education to students of elementary to 
high school grade levels.

Qualifications: At least five years’ experience in management, resource 
and financial development, and programming in the arts. A record of 
success with fundraising and securing grants is strongly preferred.
To Apply:
Submit a letter of interest, curriculum vitae and three professional 

references by July 1, 2013. The information should be sent to or FotoFest, 1113 Vine Street, 
Houston 77002-4031, Attn: Marianne Stavenhagen.
Please note that the position will remain open until filled. All inquiries, 
applications or nominations will be held in the strictest confidence.
The headquarters of FotoFest is in Houston, Texas. The position is 

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