Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lora Reynolds Gallery show

I just received an email from artist Graham Dolphin about a show in Austin, Texas he's in. It's at Lora Reynolds Gallery, and while I don't usually comment on shows I can't see in person, this one looked too good to pass up. An excerpt from the gallery press release:

This exhibition brings together works that are concerned with the act of mark-making, including drawing, sculpture, video, cut paper, and painted wood. The show considers the primacy of how the pen or pencil hit the page, how the artists have controlled and exploited the possibilities of their mark, and how a line or curve can
occupy a space.

Artists included in the exhibition who are particularly dear to me and/or included in my collection are: Graham Dolphin, Tara Donovan, Teresita Fernández, Dan Fischer, Ewan Gibbs,
Mitzi Pederson, Ed Ruscha, Fred Sandback, Jim Torok, and Daniel Zeller. Check it out. I would love to see it in person, but it's pretty vibrant even online.

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