Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Artists See Artists at Deborah Bell

I had intended to do an in depth blog about the superlative show up now at Deborah Bell. Alas, I've procrastinated, and now I'm in France without the materials in front of me to do a proper post. But this show is too good to pass without comment. I urge all of you photo lovers who happen to be in Manhattan at the moment to take time to see this exhibit. If it were in the small photography exhibition space at the Met, it would be garnering stellar reviews. It's that good. Ms Bell has compiled remarkably fine examples of artists photographing other artists covering a time span of the late 19th century to the late 20th century. There are some familiar images, but the revelations of the unexpected images are part of what makes this show special. The other special part comes from the exceptional quality of the prints included. Each print seems more luminous and shaded than the last. Brassai, Fieret, Dora Maar, Arbus.....and much, much more. If you love photography (and why would you be reading this blog if you didn't?), this is a must see. Check it out.

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